What We Have Done

Over the years the New Zealand Spinal Trust has grown to be a formidable force in advancing rehabilitation and independent living for people with spinal cord impairments through four core services.

1/. We initiated and run ‘Kaleidoscope’, an early intervention vocational rehabilitation programme dedicated to getting people with spinal cord injuries into great jobs that they love. Kaleidoscope is now operating at both of New Zealand’s Spinal Units and is also available to spinal cord injured people in other centres throughout New Zealand.

2/. We have also developed the Allan Bean Centre Library  a one-stop shop for all your information needs. There is a unique comprehensive collection based at Burwood Hospital on disability and rehabilitation including spinal cord injury, brain injury as well as other topics .

3/. Another program we are particularly proud of is the Connecting People Peer & Family Support service. ‘Connecting People’ is a positive and empowering network for all whose lives are affected by Spinal Cord Impairment (SCI), whether whānau / family, main support person, caregiver, or the person with the impairment themselves.

4/. Our Useful People program recruits and manages the Burwood Hospital volunteers who form a vital part of the rehabilitation process, bridging the journey from hospital back into the community.

Some of our other achievements ………

  • The NZST published the “Back on Track” handbook and CDROM for people with spinal impairments.
  • The NZST links people through its Spinal Network and keeps them in touch with developments and news through its newsletter, Spinal Network News, published three times annually.
  • The NZST lead the construction and fit-out of the now decommissioned Allan Bean Centre for Research and Learning in Rehabilitation.
  • The NZST initiated and runs the Connecting People Programme, Peer & Family Support network.
  • The NZST initiated and runs the Useful People Programme, a volunteer network.
  • The NZST initiated and runs the Allan Bean Centre Library, a resource for education, research and contact.
  • The NZST runs its own Design Studio to produce publications and information for the Spinal Network

To achieve this, and continue to provide services and support for people with spinal cord injuries, the New Zealand Spinal Trust works in collaboration with a number of different agencies and organisations throughout the country. It is this collaboration, and the support of the community, donors and sponsors, that makes the Trust’s work possible.

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