Empire State Building Challenge

Racing up 86 floors, 1576 stairs of the Worlds most iconic building- the Empire State Building, to raise funds and awareness for people affected by spinal cord injury.
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On Tuesday May 14th at 8pm I will line up on the start line for the 42nd Empire State Building Run Up. This race challenges runners from around the globe to race up 86 flights, 1576 stairs to the finish line on the observation deck. I will be there proudly representing New Zealand and racing to raise awareness and funds for the wonderful work the New Zealand Spinal Trust does for people with spinal injuries. Kia Toa, Kia Kaha, Kia Manawanui.


Training in the trails


With 2 weeks to the Run up the Empire State Building, a far amount of training has taken place in stair wells, I have been very motivated to do this for the NZ Spinal Trust, but I have to say my first love is training on Wellingtons hills!

My stair training buddies


With just a few weeks left until the Run up the Empire State Building I was lucky to have a couple of stair running buddies keep me company – thanks Bonnie and Jerry you are tough kids!

My training faciliity – the Majestic Building


Wellington’s tallest building looks very Majestic from the outside, but inside the stairs of pain await me, 621 of them, 3 more weeks of training up them before I head off to New York to run up 1576 stairs of the Empire State Building!

My introduction to the Burwood Spinal Unit


My introduction to the Burwood Spinal Unit was in 2006 while visiting my good friend Paul Crake who sustain a spinal injury during a cycling race. Paul was also known as the Empire Kid, he won the race up the Empire State Building 5 times and in 2003 set the race record of 9minutes 33 … Continue reading My introduction to the Burwood Spinal Unit

168 floors with 2kg ankle weights


2kg ankle weights waiting for me at the bottom of the stairs, training at this stage involves developing Strength-Endurance and so adding ankle weights and climbing 28 floors 6 times is a good way to achieve this! After all will have to endure 86 floors of the Empire State Building….

Phew 168 floors completed


Phew, finishing my last repetition in training! 6 times 28 floors of Wellington’s tallest building!

Training to race up 86 floors


I read an article by someone who had lost the use of his legs due to a spinal injury. He said ‘ If you have two good legs use them well, don’t waster them’ Those words had an impact on me, so in training up Wellington’s tallest building ( 28 stories) my session was 6 … Continue reading Training to race up 86 floors

Why am I doing this video


Hi Everyone, Checkout the video: https://vimeo.com/321823903

Thanks and my singlet!


Hi everyone, a big thank you to all the donations we have received this week – $550.00 Here is the singlet I will be proudly wearing during the race up the Empire State Building and during my training runs to keep creating awareness for all the wonderful work the Spinal Trust does!

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Melissa Moon

Hi, my name is Melissa Moon and I am a Wellington based runner. Throughout my running career I competed in Road, Track, Cross Country and in particular Mountain Running where I won Two World Titles in Italy and Alaska. Towards the end of my running career I challenged myself on the Vertical World Circuit, this is a series of races up the stairs of the World's Tallest Buildings. The iconic Empire State Building was the highlight and I was fortunate to win in 2010 and 2012. In 2014 I retired! BUT in 2019 I have been motivated to take myself out of retirement to race for a purpose/cause - The New Zealand Spinal Trust. This trust is very dear to my heart having had two friends, Roger and Paul sustain spinal injuries through a car and cycle accident. Over the years I have visited Burwood Spinal Unit numerous times to support both Paul and Roger. This fundraiser is an appreciation of the all the wonderful work the NZ Spinal Trust does for those affected by spinal injuries and one I am truly thankful for. Kia Toa, Kia Kaha, Kia Manawanui .

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