You can help relieve the pressure today.

There is a common misconception that our services are fully funded by government, but this is not the case. Please make a donation to help relieve the pressure for Kiwis who have been affected by a broken back or neck.


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Please take a look below for some other ways you can help. Thank you.


Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a quick and easy way for you to make a gift

A donation is processed through your employer’s payroll system, and you don’t need to do anything.  Your 33% tax rebate is automatically returned in your pay instantly! e.g. Donate $5 per week and your pay is reduced by only $3.35!

If you are an employee or employer, click here now for more details



Fundraiser Fun

You too can do something you love and raise funds for the NZ Spinal Trust at the same time.

We make it easy! Lots of people raise funds this way for causes they support. It could be running, cycling, swimming, knitting, or even tiddlywinks!




Gifts in Wills / Bequests

Many Kiwi’s like to leave money to charities in their will.

If you believe in our cause and would like to leave something to us after you have put your family first please contact us.

There are a few initial things we want you to know. We believe your family should be the first consideration before us. You can leave a specific amount or a percentage of residual assets after all others have been taken care of. You can alter your will at any time and adjust the amount to us or even remove it if you so choose.


Thank you.

Your gift provides a brighter future for people with SCI and their families.

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