Want to Join the Fun?


You can dedicate any event, goal or challenge to help New Zealanders with spinal cord injuries.

You can swim, cycle, run, lose weight, or even play tiddlywinks!


Why is it great for you?

  • It adds even more meaning to your achievement
  • It gives you a great excuse to make it happen
  • It provides accountability to help you stick it out and achieve your goal
  • It’s a great way to learn social media and marketing skills
  • It feels good to support a great cause


Current Fundraiser Fun Campaigns



Like to join them? Here’s how it works.


Step 1. Enter a few simple details to create your very own campaign webpage.

Step 2. We’ll email you some personalised artwork like posters to help promote your awesomeness.

Step 3. Go and do your thing – train, organise, plan, do your challenge, event, goal.

Step 4. We’ll coach you on how to share your efforts, spread the word of your campaign, and rally support.

Step 5. We’ll encourage you along the way, help you stay focused, and take good care of your supporters.

You too can do something you love and raise funds for the NZ Spinal Trust at the same time. We make it easy!




Some Previous Fundraiser Fun Campaigners ( they are all so awesome!)

Zahra Races the Three Peaks
Nicole and Kelly Race the Motatpu
Brendon and Mick’s Pioneer Epic
Java Cycle’s the Entire Length of New Zealand!

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