Once your event is approved we’ll send you lots of things to help you on your way


  • Your very own personalised webpage that you can direct your friends, family, workmates and others to.
  • Your personalised A4 or A3 poster advertising your campaign that you can put up anywhere. Work, local supermarket, library, mall, pub, school – anywhere you like.
  • Your personalised  ‘pledge sheet‘ where your supporters can pledge an amount towards your event.
  • We will even create a t-shirt design just for you. And once you raise your first $200 we’ll arrange for one to be sent out to you.
  • Donation bucket labels.
  • Personalised fundraising and social media coaching to help you promote your campaign.


If your event achieves $1,000 or more we will give you your very own super sized cheque with your amount raised and event name on it as a memento.


It couldn’t be easier!


Example Artwork



Super Size Cheque:


Pledge Sheet:

T-Shirt Design:


Donation Bucket Labels:


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