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Annual Appeal 2021 - Winning at life!

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The difference between a 'walker' and a 'wheelie'? Often it's only the visibility...

We meet people every day who came in to the Spinal Unit not knowing if they’d ever walk again. Through hard work, specialist care and (let’s be honest) often a sprinkling of pure luck, they get to walk out of the hospital at the end of their stay. To the casual observer they’ve ‘won gold’.

What’s not observed are the unseen ongoing issues that cause them to not be able to live life as they did prior to their Spinal Cord Impairment (SCI). Although they’ve walked out, they very likely still have bladder or bowel issues. They may still have debilitating fatigue. They may still have enduring pain and, significantly, they may carry a dose of survivor’s guilt for having walked out.

What they might not have is a wheelchair – and often that’s the only difference between a ‘walker’ and a ‘wheelie’ … the visibility.

So – this year’s Annual Appeal is based around the stories and experiences of those who have sustained a serious SCI and yet are walking. We want to highlight some of the issues they face day-to-day … but also the winning at life! moments too. New stories will be shared here each day this week and on Facebook.

Our Annual Appeal is a big deal – we are a charity not a government funded agency. This year it’s even more of a big deal … the generous folk at Access Community Health have come on board again (they already partner our Whanau Peer Support service) and they will match – dollar-for-dollar – EVERY. SINGLE. DOLLAR donated before September 25th (up to $15,000). Woo Hoo! You know what to do 😉

Donate here Yes! I want to help ... OR deposit directly to our account: NZ Spinal Trust, Westpac 03-1597-0101190-00 using your name and 'AA2021' as the reference.