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The Spinal Network News (SNN) is a high quality magazine and the voice of its members, the Spinal Network. It is published three times a year and includes a range of topics that are important to people with a spinal cord impairment. Topics include health, research, employment, travel, equipment, useful tips and much more. With hundreds of members throughout the country, the Spinal Network provides timely and relevant information to people with spinal cord impairment, their families/whanau, caregivers, friends, and health professionals.

Editorial Team: Editor: Peter Thornton; Sub editor: Bernadette Cassidy; Su Marshall and Hans Wouters

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SNN volume 25 no. 1 April 2022

  • Managing Pressure Injuries
  • Doing the Impossible
  • How Meditation helps with managing pain
  • Finding Hope after Tragedy.
  • Building good relationships with your Support Worker
  • Rachael Henderson – NZST’s Paralympic Champion
  • Things I Wish I Had Known at the Start

SNN volume 24 no. 3 December 2021

  • Helping Others with SCI
  • Peer Support to be Extended
  • “It's a Game Changer”
  • To Have Someone Beside You is Incredible
  • Telling it Like it is
  • Driven by Speed
  • Arni and the Wheelchair Guy
  • Finding your Happy Place

SNN volume 24 no 2 July 2021

  • Don't Practice Giving Up
  • Supporting Positive Futures
  • Tour of Duty
  • Back on Top of His Maunga
  • A Demanding and Rewarding Journey
  • A Lifetime of Service - Di and Floyd retire
  • Bouncing Back

SNN April 2021

  • Redeeming Your Time
  • Autonomic Dysreflexia
  • Kia Kaha, Kia Maia, Kia Manawanui
  • Qigong Fitness Class
  • A Never-Say-Die Attitude
  • All is for All
  • Telling it Like it is

SNN December 2020

  • Bailley Unahi's remarkable recovery
  • Ian Walker on overcoming adversity
  • Peter Wylie looks back on a life of highs and lows
  • NZ Spinal Trust Christchurch Civic Award
  • Best Job I ever had
  • Hitting the road for the NZ Spinal Trust

SNN August 2020

  • The Glentworth Family on their SCI journey
  • Jayden Glentworth on not looking back
  • Remarkable recovery of a musician
  • The danger of Autonomic Dysreflexia
  • NZ Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan
  • Meet Su Marshall Fundraiser Manager
  • Dr Richard Smaill - a remarkable life

SNN April 2020

  • Editorial - 20 Books by Christmas
  • Covid-19 what you need to know
  • Volunteering for the NZST
  • Jezza Williams on Inclusive Tourism
  • Man's best friend helping people
  • Lynn James on Aging with an SCI
  • Special thanks to John Miller Law

SNN April 2019

  • Tribute to two legends
  • Roly Crichton - the People's Hero
  • Laying down the law
  • Ranger a service dog
  • Christchurch Terrorist attack
  • Suzanne Cowan - dancing to her own beat
  • Know your rights - John Miller Law

SNN August 2019

  • Never give up
  • On top of the world
  • Exploring China
  • NZST Welcome Backpacks
  • Celebrating 25 years
  • 50 Years on or to hell in a handbasket

SNN December 2019

  • Anniversary Party
  • A new design for a new era
  • Telling it like it is - welcome to Teina Boyd
  • George Scrimshaw 'The Godfather'
  • Finding the Fairway again
  • 2019 - Highs and lows of the NZST