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Well done you! By landing on this page, you have shown you're a person with a big heart and a drive to help.

So what happens now? First, decide what type of challenge you'll undertake ... will you run a marathon, cycle a trail, drive the length of NZ, walk around the block 100 times, lose 10 kilos, bake up a storm, hold a tiddlywinks contest?

You can dedicate any event, goal or challenge to help Kiwis with spinal cord impairments. If you'd like to see what others have done - may be get some inspiration, then check out these past campaigns.

Once you have a challenge in mind, complete the sign up form below and we'll set up your personal Fundraiser Fun! campaign page to share your awesomeness with the world and collect donations - it's easy and it's all in-house so there's no middleman fees 🙂

Our Fundraising Manager, Su Marshall will be in touch when your page is ready to go - and she's always available to provide guidance or advice. Honestly - she's just thrilled that you want to help! 🙂

If you're ready to go, then let's begin ...

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Fill in as much information as you can - the more information about your challenge and your 'why' the better - this will be used to create your campaign page and inspire your donors.

Write a little information in here about what you're going to do for your challenge; where and when it's happening; why you've chosen to support NZST .... anything you'd like to say to encourage potential donors :)