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Looking for Fundraiser Fun inspiration?

Check out these past campaigns ...


Cole's 4x4x48 David Goggins Challenge

Cole ran the 4 x 4 x 48 David Goggins Challenge which is 4 miles (About 6.5km) every 4 hours for 48 hours. He raised over $300!


Glenn's 10th Coast to Coast Mountain Run!

In 2020 Glenn celebrated a decade of C2C Mountain runs ... 34 kms long, 1 km up and all of it tough! He raised over $2,500!

Andy and Karla

Andy and Karla's Tour Aotearoa Challenge

Andy and Karla took on their biggest challenge to date in 2020 – cycling the entire length of New Zealand, from north to south, and covering a total of 3,100 kms! They raised over $1,500!


Phillip's Motatapu Ultra Run

Phillip completed the Motatapu Ultra Run - 51kms over Otago's Motatapu Track! He raised over $8,500!

Audrey and Myrtle

Audrey & Myrtle's North Island Hurtle!

Jane and Anita travelled to Rotorua from North Canterbury in two lovely old Morris Minors - Audrey and Myrtle. They raised nearly $5,500!


Melissa's epic Empire State Buidling run

Melissa completed the Empire State Building Run Up … racing 86 floors (1,576 stairs) up the world’s most iconic building. She raised over $1,500!


Alison hikes Te Araroa Trail

Alison tramped 300kms of Te Araroa Trail, from Kerikeri to Dome Valley … and raised $4,000!