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Why we need your help

The New Zealand Spinal Trust is such an integral part of the spinal units in both Auckland and Christchurch, that it comes as a surprise to many that we are a charity.

We are not part of the Ministry of Health, or ACC. In fact, only around 20% of our annual income is achieved through government sources.

That leaves us with a $900,000 hole that we need to fill. And we rely on financial support from our wider community to do that … gifts from individuals (both one-off and regular monthly gifts), grants from Trusts, proceeds from events, business partnerships, gifts left in Wills.


Your generosity does make a difference…

It ensures our Peer Support team can keep rolling through the ward providing practical, emotional and psychological tools to those who are new to this SCI journey … or many years down the track.

It ensures our Vocational Rehab team can support people back to work with a tailored plan or help them decide on a new direction.

It ensures help can always be found at our Resource Centre when you need a steer in the right direction for information or training, or may be just a chat.

It ensures we are here to advocate on behalf of our SCI community.


Here’s how you can help: