Exciting new catheter being trialed in New Zealand

Want to help in the trial of a new catheter for men? This one sounds pretty exciting. Canterbury Urology Research Trust is running a clinical trial and there is a small payment available.

Inclusion criteria:
Males ≥ 18 years
Must have stable urinary management history with clean intermittent catheterization: no significant changes in bladder management regimen within past 12 months
– Must have urodynamic profile suitable for CIC, as assessed via urodynamics study within past 12 months (including bladder capacity > 200mL without uninhibited bladder contractions)
Exclusion criteria:
Active symptomatic urinary tract infection
Significant risk profile or recent history of urethral stricture
Significant risk profile or recent history of clinically significant autonomic dysreflexia (e.g. History of hospitalization due to AD within past 12 months)

Please contact Barbara for more details

Barbara Gordon | Study Coordinator
Canterbury Urology Research Trust
132 Peterborough Street, PO Box 917, Christchurch 8013, NZ
P: 03 355 2426| F: 03 355 2139
barbara@medicaltrials.co.nz | www.medicaltrials.co.nz

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