Important Reminder: Invacare Powerchairs


In Oct 2016 Invacare informed its customers that the following models have been discontinued:

  • TDX Spree
  • TDX SC
  • TDX SI
  • TDX SR
  • 3G Storm Arrow
  • Power Tiger

At the time Invacare stated regarding Service Parts and Warranty:

“We will continue to support the above discontinued products with replacement and service parts for up to 5 years and the standard warranty remains in effect.”

This means that if you have one of these models and it’s out of warranty and the motor breaks down then it won’t be fixed.

Therefore we encourage all users of this equipment, especially if the device is older than 4½ years (i.e. either close to end of warranty or already out of warranty), to be proactively working on what your next wheelchair will be and how soon can you get it.

As the ‘replacement’ process can be quite drawn out, we suggest getting started now! Contact your ACC Support Coordinator or MoH Case Manager and get the ball rolling.

For the full press release see here: PWC Range Update October 2016

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