Introducing ‘Out There’ – A Peer Support Service for People with Spinal Injuries

The NZ Spinal Trust (NZST) and Healthcare Rehabilitation (HR) are collaborating to develop a new community based peer support service to help those with spinal cord injury (SCI) in NZ live independent, productive, and confident lives within their communities.

“We regularly hear of people with a SCI not doing so well in life once they have left the support of hospital and are at home. This can be months or even year’s post the injury. Often an intensive period of support is all it takes to get someone back on track and to give them the confidence to get on with living life the best they can,” says Hans Wouters, CEO NZ Spinal Trust. “Having a peer who listens, understands and knows how to navigate local support systems can go a long way to helping someone with their rehabilitation.”

The development and management of the ‘Out There’ programme will be operated by NZ Spinal Trust. Healthcare Rehabilitation will provide administration resources to support the programme and industry professionals who can identify those most in need.

“We’re really pleased to be able to support NZ Spinal Trust in developing this programme. Healthcare Rehabilitation is committed to ensuring the best possible life for people with SCI’s and this is one, very significant way we can help people to get their life back on track,” says Russell Simpson, General Manager, Healthcare Rehabilitation.

The programme is in the development phase and is expected to be up and running by late 2017.

For any enquiries please call NZ Spinal Trust on 03 383 6881 or

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