Let’s not muck this up …

“Don’t panic Mr Mannering!”

You may well have to be of a certain vintage to fully understand that reference, but the basic message stands – don’t panic.

I feel a little like we have all joined the Home Guard – our job is to protect the vulnerable, the weak, the elderly … and defeat this virus.  And to think we can do that with something as simple as staying home?  Let’s not muck this up!  How often do you get a chance to save lives by sitting on the couch watching telly? 🙂

In the week before Lock Down was introduced we worked out our battle plan to ensure everyone could work from home.  So when the Government made the official announcement on the weekend, we put our plans into action. My team and I now continue to support our clients from our homes – we’re making the most of this highly connected world … Facebook, Zoom, Skype, email, the humble phone … you name it, we’re using it 🙂

We are using all this technology to stay connected to each other as well – in uncertain times it is easy to hunker down and take self-isolation too far.  We have a  Zoom Meeting permanently set up and we refer to it as our Zoom Lounge … we ‘meet’ there for coffee and a chat.

And we are also thinking about our colleagues at the hospital units.  They are the true heroes of this time.  They and all the essential workers – many on minimum wage, yet willing to remain at their post so our country has a fighting chance of beating this pandemic.  When you head out to pick up your essentials, please remember the danger they are exposing themselves to every single day.  Treat them as the heroes they are.  Thank them for their courage. And reward them with the kindness and compassion they deserve.

We are all doing our bit to get our beloved country through this – some are having to do more than others.  Let’s ensure their bravery is not wasted.

Let’s stay home and save the world.

Kia kaha, Hans.

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