The power of two – creating something bigger than its parts.

In celebration and recognition of our long-standing relationship, the NZ Rugby Foundation has donated $5000.00 to our national appeal.

The relationship started in 1998, when a phone call from Prof Alan Clarke to newly appointed NZRF Chairman Maurice Trapp provided the impetus for an operational refocus. Whilst there is no formal agreement it is understood that a representative of the NZRF sits on the NZST board. Since its formation in 1986 The Foundation had a constitutional scope to service ‘rugby in need’, it was at a NZST meeting Trapp attended in 1998 that it became apparent greater attention was needed to ‘find’ former players that had suffered spinal injuries.  In the 1990’s there were no records of those who had suffered catastrophic life changing injury due to rugby.

Beyond the improved tangible impacts of working together lies the unseen ‘power of two’ the organizations continue to deliver. By ‘getting out of the silos’ we are creating more impact in positive messaging around the perception of living with a disability in New Zealand. In harnessing a mindset change of New Zealanders as the reality that 1 in 4 live with a disability we will continue to advocate and lobby national and local health organisations for the betterment of all, and strive toward a truly accessible New Zealand.


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