Words to Wards Project Launched

Words to Wards Project launched this month!

Christchurch City Libraries (CCL) and the Allan Bean Centre (ABC) Library are pleased to announce the ‘Words to Wards’ programme commencing in May.

CCL have a wide range of electronic resources; e-books, magazines, newspapers and audio books – the project teams from CCL and the ABC Library were keen to support the use of library eResources for hospital patients.

A team of trained library volunteers will provide onsite assistance to patients who are interested in downloading books, magazines, newspapers or audiobooks at three Burwood Hospital Wards: Outpatients, Ward D1 (Orthopaedic Rehab) and Ward GG (Surgical Orthopaedic).

An example of what assistance will be available is:

  • adding library apps to a tablet or mobile device
  • the downloading of items (e.g. books, magazines, newspapers, audiobooks) to a tablet or mobile device.

The project will be trialed for three months, after which we hope to offer this service to other hospital wards.

For more information, please contact Bernadette Cassidy, Information and Design Manager, Allan Bean Centre Library; P: 383 9484 or 99484 E: bernadette.cassidy@nzspinaltrust.org.nz

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