This page is all about really useful stuff that we have been told about. Stuff that is helpful for people with a spinal cord impairment. This is not a page for Helpful Businesses geared up for SCI folk (we have one of those) or Amazing Organisations in our neck of the woods (we have one of those too). This page is full of random links that are simply “Really Useful!”

“Ever feel unsafe in your wheelchair? John Marrable is a Black Belt in Karate and lives life in a wheelchair. His wheelchair self defense courses and Wheelchair Self Defense Manual are really useful.”

“People with SCI often don’t fit the standard sizings of clothes and it is hard to find something decent that fits.  At Pickashirt you can get good quality shirts and custom design the sizings and options.  Yes, they are an Australian site but they do deliver to NZ with good quality and very reasonable pricing”


If you know of something that is really useful – let us know – we might even add it to the list


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