Help New Zealanders Affected by Spinal Cord Injuries or Impairment (SCI) Through Payroll Giving Today.

Advantages Of Payroll Giving
  • It’s easy for both employee and employer.
  • You receive an immediate 33% PAYE credit in your pay. For example: If you donate $15 to NZ Spinal Trust, your take home pay will only be reduced by $10.
  • Giving a regular donation to charity through your pay means no automatic payments, or debits through your credit card or bank account – your payroll will take care of this.
  • Your donation goes directly to helping those with spinal cord injuries and impairments some of whom can’t walk, or use their hands.
  • No need to prepare a financial year end tax return for your donation rebate. You receive the rebate instantly and no further documentation is required.
  • A donation is processed through your employer’s payroll system, and you don’t need to do anything.  Your 33% tax rebate is automatically returned in your pay instantly!
  • You can even pay your school fees (before tax) through payroll giving saving you money.
  • We’re here to help your employer set this up, so please give them our contact details or call us directly and we can reach out to them on your behalf.
  • Being involved with Payroll giving shows a commitment to charities, and helps support the causes that employees care about.
  • Most payroll software includes Payroll Giving in their packages, and it is not difficult to set-up.
  • If you file your monthly IRD returns electronically – you can get on board and help make a difference for people affected by SCI.

Vehicle accidents, falls, sporting injuries, and illness are all common causes of spinal cord injuries. In a split second everything can change- your work situation – your relationships – your health – your pastimes. The New Zealand Spinal Trust, based out of NZ’s two spinal units in Christchurch and Auckland, provides peer support, vocational rehabilitation, and world class multi-media programs to Kiwi’s affected by SCI.

For more information and assistance on payroll giving, please contact Rachael Henderson at, or call 03-383-6881.

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