“A NEW WAY OF LIVING” History of the BSU


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“A NEW WAY OF LIVING” History of the Burwood Spinal Unit
Compiled and edited by Vivienne Allan (2004)

The development of this unit was a milestone in the history of medicine in New Zealand.

A quote from the Foreword: “This book is about the history of the Spinal Unit in Christchurch. It is about the people who came to the Unit for rehabilitation in its early years – the young and the not-so-young, the shocked and the frightened, the rebels and the victims – all needing to get their lives back into some sort of order following serious spinal injuries.”

Price $10 (+ p&h) and available from the Allan Bean Centre Library, Burwood Hospital, Christchurch.

All money raised goes to the New Zealand Spinal Trust to help continue their work for spinally injured people and their families.

Read about Sir Ludwig Guttman, Bill Utley, Rex Fattorini, Bill Liddle, Allen Donaldson’s gold medals, Ruth Jackson, Graham Tapper’s mischief, Eve Rimmer’s medals, Russel Kerse, Dr. Angelo Anthony, Bill Wrightson, Tim Wallis, Neroli Fairhall’s archery success, Gus Watson, Helen Milner, Beth Spiers, Bayliss Hopkins, Sue Williams, Ted Hardiman, Cos ter Veer the physiotherapist, Brian O’Donaghue of ACC, Grahame Inglis, Prof. A.G. Rothwell, Dr.Ted Arnold, Dr. Allan Bean (after whom the Allan Bean Centre is named), Prof. Alan Clarke, and Dr. Richard Acland.

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