An Active Life : Mike Brown

An active life as a T10 paraplegic means surfing double overhead waves with my mates.

It means skiing powder down a steep mountain slope. It’s catching a huge kingfish from a kayak.
It means whitewater rafting down a wild west coast river, It means mSit ski Mike Brownountain biking into back
country huts with my family. It means diving for paua on the Kaikoura coastline.

An active life in the outdoors is my lifeblood. It’s who I am through and through.

I look at breaking my back in 2012 as encountering a fallen branch on a walking track. Just climb over it, or find a way around it, and keep on walking!

An active life brings connection. Connection to the world around us. Connection to like-minded people.

Connection within yourself. Find a way to be active, and the rest will flow.

Adventure : Jezza Williams

Adventure; to undertake a task without knowing the outcome.Jezza Mates #2

Risk; the potential of gaining or loosing something of value.

Life is precious a gift, to live to the full ability of ones self, can only be done through adventure and risk.

By venturing into the unknown is the only way one can get to know ones self.

When you know yourself then you can come to face and overcome challenges that are in your world and embrace life.

Adventure also gives your world spontaneous, living in the now life experiences, throwing away the routine.

This is the philosophy I, Jezza Williams live by.


Before my life changing canyon accident in the swiss alps in 2010, I traveled the planet as an adventure guide, pushing limits, discovering the world and myself.

Now I am an adventure guide, pushing limits, discovering the world and myself.

The only difference, I am stronger now.

We all grow through experience, learning by doing. To go and try the unknown takes strength, but no risk, no reward. The bigger the risk the bigger …..

To share my abilities, knowledge and philosophy with others Makingtrax was born. A nonprofit company that gives others the opportunity to experience freedom through adventure. Adventures such as the Mongol Rally 26,000km from London to Mongolia and back to Latvia, via Russia in a Toyota Yaris are adventures that keep us real.

Rafting, Paragliding, Skydiving are adventures that anybody may try just once, it makes a difference in your world trust me.

But to live a life of adventure, every opportunity you get. This is where I tell you I may be a dependent C5 Tetraplegic, but I don’t feel disabled.

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