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real_stories2 – as told by Debbie Le Cren

Andy and Shelley Corles own Castle Rock Cafe in Te Rerenga in the Coromandel. They have a five year old daughter Maddie and Shelley teaches at Te Rerenga School. Andy was an active member in volunteer fire and ambulance crews in Matarangi before moving to Te Rerenga and is a popular member of the community.

In July Andy was left paralysed after a car accident. He was heading to Coromandel town to pick up Maddie when his car left the road. Andy suffered a spinal cord injury at C6/ C7 and did initial rehabilitation at the Auckland Spinal Unit. Andy and his family have returned home to Te Rerenga and their nephew

Dyon will be looking after the business while Andy is recovering.

While working at the Auckland Spinal Unit in October I was fortunate to meet Andy, Shelley and Maddie. Andy was conducting a cooking lesson in the kitchen and we were able to taste the baking that was produced. I have included Andy’s cake recipe on pg4. – It’s delicious.

Apart from running the café, Andy and Shelley have created a diverse range of vinegars, sauces, dressings, jams, relishes and chutneys all made from locally grown ingredients. Andy spoke about wanting to continue with this side of their business. “Each time Andy makes a batch we measure, mix and sample. We bottle and label by hand and really take care so others will enjoy it as much as we do” says Shelley.

Andy and Shelley’s creations can be found in Farro Fresh outlets in Auckland as well as stores in Whitianga, Matarangi and Thames.

You can find out more about their products and order on line at


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