Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC)

If you have had an accident resulting in a Spinal Cord Impairment and are covered by the New Zealand Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) you may find their  Serious injury and disability website helpful.

 Ministry of Social Development (MSD)

If your spinal cord impairment was caused by a medical condition and not by an accident NZ Ministry of Social Development site has many resources that could be useful to you.

The Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 2015-19

The Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 2015-19 was published in June 2014 after over two years of development, in which the NZ Spinal Trust played an integral part.  The Plan has been signed off by the Minister of Health and Minister of ACC.

The Plan looked at the spinal journey – from accident or non-accident beyond.  There are eight objectives that have been identified with a Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan Governance Committee which oversees the outcomes that have been set.

This Plan is already changing how the journey evolves, with positive outcomes for those with a spinal cord impairment.


You can read the covering letter from Hon. Tony Ryall [NZ Minister of Health] and Hon. Judith Collins [NZ Minister for ACC] – CLICK HERE

The 40 page Spinal Cord Impairment Action Plan 2015-19 can be read here – CLICK HERE


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