Back on Track Handbook (3rd Edition)

Spinal Injury Rehabilitation Handbook:
Available in Hard Cover Spiral bound quality book suitable for those with limited hand function. 
Also available in e-Book, CD-ROM and DVD

Back on Track, a unique patient handbook developed by the New Zealand Spinal Trust and the Burwood Spinal Unit. The handbook is designed to be used as the ‘Course Curriculum’ for patients in their early rehabilitation phase as well as for their carers, families and friends.

Julian Verkaaik, editor and illustrator, believes that rehabilitation is a process of learning, not a medical process, and patients need access to high quality information right from day one. This engaging full colour publication is liberally dosed with stories and advice from past ‘graduates’ of spinal services in New Zealand and this mix of personal and professional knowledge and experience really brings the publication alive. Illustrations are used where possible to explain information instead of cumbersome columns of text.

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Back on Track DVD and interactive CD-ROM

The ‘Back on Track’ handbook is available as a DVD and also as an interactive CD-ROM.

The DVD and CD-Rom are presented in an easy to understand format with no medical jargon or confusing terms and include great graphics, animations & video clips of current and past patients with SCI.

The DVD is a simple, highly effective playable version of the material and is suitable for all DVD players.

The CD-ROM is fully interactive and is a fabulous learning and teaching tool with ‘progress tracking capability’ and a Quiz at the end.  The CD-ROM can be used with just voice commands if necessary and no training of the voice recognition software is required by the user.

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Both the Handbook and CD-ROM are provided free to all new patients of Burwood and Auckland Spinal Units thanks to generous support from the Ministry of Health and the ACC.

“This project is a marvelous example of what can be achieved when DHB’s, NGO’s and government agencies collaborate for the direct benefit of the health consumer” says Julian.

It is hoped that this project can be used as a template for other rehabilitation populations.


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