New to Spinal Cord Injury?

Have you just ended up with an SCI?

It can be a pretty scary, confusing and uncertain time. I should know because in 1989 I crashed my motorbike and ended up in Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit unable to move my legs. After getting through those dark early days I found the key to getting me back on track, was taking control of my own rehabilitation and developing an optimistic outlook for my future.

25 or so years later I can say that I have had a pretty awesome life so far and needing to use a wheelchair has not defined me. As CEO of the NZST it is my desire for this website to be a significant tool for your rehabilitation and I hope it is really helpful to you and your whānau.

You may be a family member or close friend of someone who has just had a spinal cord impairment.  This is a challenging time for you as well – the world has just turned on its head for someone close to you and you have to deal with this as well.  I just wish that the NZ Spinal Trust’s Connecting People Peer & Family Support programme was operating back in 1989.  Our team works closely with you as well as your loved one to help you understand all that is happening and how life with an SCI can be incredibly fulfilling and full of excitement for the future.

If there is anything we can add to the site to help you send me an email and let us know.

Ben Lucas – CEO NZ Spinal Trust

Sadly Ben left NZST for a new role on 8/4/16 but we love his message and will leave it up for a while.

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