Vocational Rehabilitation



The NZ Spinal Trust’s specialist vocational rehabilitation programme is based at the Burwood and Auckland Spinal units and also provides services at Middlemore Hospital.

The service provides specialised education, career planning and work support to both newly injured/ill persons and to those in the community, who have been living with an SCI for a period of time; recognising and valuing the inclusion of family and employers from the outset

The name ‘Kaleidoscope’ had been adopted because it symbolises the incredible variety of work opportunities that are available for everybody, whether they have a disability or not.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”. George Elliot



Other client Testimonials:

“I haven’t fallen through the cracks because Kaleidoscope didn’t allow them to appear, and by being at work even just for lunch to start with, filled a social void and a purpose for the effort of just getting there. Work is more than just a job and money and now I see what Kaleidoscope has always seen.

As a child a favourite toy of mine was a kaleidoscope, and now to me, a SCI at first is like a kaleidoscope of dark and broken pieces that won’t stop spinning to allow you to make sense of what has happened. BSU has put the colour back in my ‘kaleidoscope of life’ and now it even stops so I can enjoy the new and wonderful things I see and do.”

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