For Clients of Kaleidoscope

Eligibility for Kaleidoscope Services

To be eligible to engage Kaleidoscope services you must have an acquired Spinal Cord Injury or Illness, with neurology.

If you are unsure please contact one of our offices and a consultant will be very happy to discuss this with you confidentially.

The Kaleidoscope Approach

Kaleidoscope believes in your potential for living life and enjoying work – Right Now!

When partnering with you, to support your work goals it is vital that you understand:

  1. We are supporting you back to work, with specialist knowledge in not only navigating the world of work but also spinal injury
  2. You control the process – promoting independence, we are not only getting you where you want to go, but also providing you with the tools to use in your future
  3. Kaleidoscope has 13 years of experience supporting clients, our mantra is bigger picture and how. What you can do, not what you can’t!
  4. Kaleidoscope promotes in returning to work you will have:
    1. improved income
    2. social interaction
    3. enhanced wellness
    4. self-esteem from achievement
    5. role model for family and friends



Additional Useful Information


Employment Resources
These documents (.pdf) may assist you in preparation for employment.

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