Support For Employers

The evidence is indisputable – work is good for health and wellbeing. Returning to work or commencing new employment for our clients should be a societal expectation post injury. So as an employer what support can you access:

  1. Educational seminars for Employers (Large or SME) and 1:1 or group based
  2. Joining the Business Advisory Committee
  3. Customised organisational information on-site or at our locations
  4. Consumer availability to speak to staff for motivational purposes
  5. Monthly profiling of job ready and skilled clients/quarterly newsletter
  6. Immediate access to information and support by picking up the phone
  7. Support in transitioning your injured employee back to work and post support

One in five New Zealanders has a disability, making up 20% of our population, many of whom offer a unique set of skills and perspectives that bring value to our organisations, communities and economy; when the opportunity presents. Of the spinal population we work with, most people require little to no extra support or investment to fulfil their role.

Two things that we know for sure at Kaleidoscope are that disabled people make great employees and that an accessible workplace is safer for everyone. As reported, since inauguration of Kaleidoscope in 2003, we’ve moved from 12.3% of spinal cord injured clients being employed to 56.8%. With such statistics and our inclusive program our message to employers is ‘Why not enhance your profile, increase the statistics and be part of this!’

Kaleidoscope aims to transform attitudes by working with organisations and will work to support them when they ask what is possible in the employment arena when accessibility is embraced and they hire a person with a spinal cord impairment.

Education will be made available to employers either within their organisation or as part of a wider community group, in a non-judgmental environment. A benefit being, that employers will have access to an untapped labour market which is willing, keen and able; skills utilisation. Further to this gaining confidence in employing someone with a spinal cord injury, by the opportunity to ask questions.

The topics that can be covered are:

  • Basic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) 101
  • Why it is beneficial to employ people with disabilities (Spinal Cord Injury) – an accessible workplace is safer for all staff and having disabled staff means more customers, better served
  • Common questions/concerns of an employer
  • Accessibility of a workplace


Figure 1. Benefits to a company when employing a person with a disability

Figure 1. Benefits to a company when employing a person with a disability



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