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Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Peer and Whānau Support

Our Peer and Whānau Support team are here to help and support you and your whānau as you adjust to life with a spinal cord impairment (SCI).

Peer & Whānau Support
Community Peer & Whānau Support
Peer Support
Whānau Support

Getting back to Work (Vocation Rehabilitation)

Return to Work

Resource Centre

Helpful resources for SCI people, their whānau, and carers.

Visit the Resource Centre
Become a member of the Resource Centre

Wheelie Good Tips

Useful tips, tricks and life hacks for living a confident, productive, and independent life with an SCI.

Wheelie Good Tips

Who We Are and What We Do

Our mission is to empower people with SCI and their whānau to embrace positive futures.

Our Staff

The services and support provided by the New Zealand Spinal Trust (NZST) are made possible through the work of our staff, volunteers, businesses, sponsors, organisations, individuals, and trustees.

COVID-19, Omicron and SCI

What should we know in particular?

Omicron and SCI

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