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Supporting Positive Futures

Our mission is to empower people with spinal cord impairments and their whānau to embrace positive futures. We provide support and information services across New Zealand to help people overcome challenges, create strong networks, and pursue opportunities following their spinal impairment.


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Wheelie Good Tips

Looking for tips and tricks on how to live a great life with a spinal cord impairment?

Check out our wheelie good tips videos, like the latest one below.

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They’re Awesome!

  1. Jono’s Nelsons Epic K2 Challenge!!

    Tairua Coromandel
    I would like to become the first handcyclist in New Zealand and possibly the world to attempt the K2 Cycle challenge which is 193km. A full lap around the Coromandel.
    $1,565.00 donated of $3,000.00 goal


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