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A Bright Future Awaits

We’ll help you live a confident, productive and independent life despite a spinal cord injury or impairment (SCI). This is regardless of whether you are a new patient in hospital or many years post injury and living in the community. And we’re here for families and carers too.


We offer three key services

Connect with peers who have been there and done that. Meet with our vocational rehabilitation consultants to find a career that’s just right, or enjoy practical advice, education, and inspiration from the Allan Bean Centre.


Find out why right now is so important


A brief history

We formed as a registered charity in 1994 to address the unmet needs of rehabilitation, information, research and support for people with spinal cord injuries throughout New Zealand. You can find out more about our history and how we help here


Our values

By listening carefully and honouring your story, we begin exploring what the possible could be and in the process bring hope to your journey. Then with persistence & by challenging, we’ll help you transition while remaining true to yourself.


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