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Life after the Spinal Unit

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Out with friends

Mike Brown

An active life as a T10 paraplegic means surfing double overhead waves with my mates.

It means skiing powder down a steep mountain slope. It’s catching a huge kingfish from a kayak.
It means whitewater rafting down a wild west coast river, it means mountain biking into back country huts with my family. It means diving for paua on the Kaikoura coastline.

An active life in the outdoors is my lifeblood. It is who I am through and through.

I look at breaking my back in 2012 as encountering a fallen branch on a walking track. Just climb over it, or find a way around it, and keep on walking!

An active life brings connection. Connection to the world around us. Connection to like-minded people. Connection within yourself.

Find a way to be active, and the rest will flow.