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NZSCIR - Background and Governance


NZ Spinal Cord Injury Registry

The need for the NZSCIR was first suggested in 1968 by the founder of the Burwood Spinal Unit, Mr. Bill Utley. As part of the NZ SCI Action Plan 2014-2019, the Burwood Spinal Unit and Burwood Academy Trust (BAT) completed a study to determine the best registry for NZ. Canada’s Rick Hansen Spinal Cord Injury Registry (RHSCIR)[TC1] was selected and the NZSCIR was launched on 1st August, 2016. As the first international site of the RHSCIR, the NZSCIR continues to collaborate with Canada’s Praxis Spinal Cord Institute (formerly the Rick Hansen Institute) (formerly the Rick Hansen Institute)[TC2] . We are extremely grateful for their generous work and support in establishing and maintaining the NZSCIR. Without the partnership with the Praxis Spinal Cord Institute, NZ would not have the NZSCIR.



The Accident Compensation Commission (ACC) sponsors the NZSCIR, in association with Counties Manukau Health (CMH) & Canterbury District Health Board (CDHB).

The Governance Group consists of clinicians, funders, service management, researchers, and consumers. Current group members:

Dr. Chris Howard-Brown, Governance Group Chair.
Mr. Raj Singhal. Clinical Director, Burwood Spinal Unit
Dr. Sureshbabu Sabramanian. Consultant, Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit
Dr. Jennifer Dunn. Researcher, University of Otago; Physiotherapist.
Heather Robertson. Service Manager, CMH
Anand Desai, ACC
Mr. Alpesh Patel, Orthopaedic Surgeon, CMH
Mr. Rowan Schouten, Orthopaedic Surgeon, CDHB
Dr. Richard Smaill, Researcher, Consumer
Leah Young, Service Manager, Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit

Liz Oliver, Service Manager, Burwood Spinal Unit
Suzanne Humphreys, Praxis Spinal Cord Institute, Canada

Ex-officio members:

Tracey Croot, NZSCIR Coordinator, Burwood Spinal Unit.

Jess Ozumba, NZSCIR Coordinator, Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit.