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Travel after an SCI

Travelling with a spinal cord impairment is possible but does involve quite a bit of planning.

Here are some ideas and suggestions to get you started.

Whether it’s travelling into town to see a show or going on a holiday there is a lot to organise and when you have a spinal cord injury and navigate the world in a wheelchair there are a few extra things to consider and decide. Things such as where to go and how you are going to travel, booking accommodation that is accessible, ensuring you have enough medications and supplies, organising equipment such as hoists/commode chairs, or researching your destination for activities that are accessible.

To help you plan we have provided some information and resources to inspire you and get you started.


Tips and tricks

Sometimes it’s best to use major hotel chains rather than smaller, independent hotels. They are more likely to have accessible rooms.

Try using websites and user-led Facebook groups, for example, the Connecting People Facebook page to research accessible accommodation and facilities. Facebook communities like the Connecting People Facebook page are a great way to ask other people with SCI questions about their travel experiences.