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The Disability Iceberg

Have you ever wanted to explain to someone how your SCI impacts you much more than just not being able to walk? Perhaps to your family/whānau, employer, colleague, work mate, classmate, friend? This FREE resource will help you start the conversation.

Free Resource

The Disability Iceberg flyer has been created to support or facilitate a conversation explaining that most of the effects of SCI are in fact unseen with some of them having a considerable impact on energy and wellbeing and other things that may affect one’s participation in the workplace and life in general.

It is well recognised that if you were to ask almost any person with SCI who can’t walk; to take back one thing that they have lost as a result of SCI; being able to walk would not be at the top of their list. In fact, it might not even be 2nd or 3rd! For those who know little about SCI this is almost unbelievable but nevertheless true.

The Disability Iceberg Flyer is available for free download to help you explain this. The content of the flyer is designed as a conversation starter and is by no means meant to be an exhaustive list of effects.