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Contents Day Bag or Travelling

  • Poncho/Wind Jacket (suggest type that folds into a pocket)
  • Consumables (two day supply) Supplies required for bladder and bowel cares
  • Wheelchair charger
  • Small LED torch
  • Nail file
  • Lip balm
  • Glasses if required
  • Comb
  • Cell phone/charger
  • Wallet and cards/cash
  • Spare house/car keys
  • Plastic bottle for urine disposal if required
  • Pocket knife i.e. Swiss type - may not be required but handy
  • Pen and small notebook
  • Small hand wash antiseptic container
  • Medication container
  • Hat/cap
  • Gloves (leather)
  • Survival blanket (small folded packet optional)


Torch with spare batteries or self charging torch/radio.

Radio with spare batteries.

Wind and waterproof clothing/hat. Change of clothes

First Aid Kit

Medicines. In medication container. Rotate so they do not expire

Blankets/sleeping bags.

Pet supplies.

Emergency toilet/toilet paper and large plastic rubbish bags.

Urology consumables. Bladder/bowel care supplies. Emergency change of catheter kit.

Phone contact numbers.

Whistle and/or a sign for help for use in front window.

Bedside light.

Access to a generator for power back up.

Access to barbeque re: cooking and hot water. Small portable gas cooker.

Wheelchair equipment, i.e. inner tube, tyre levers and pump, plus basic tools i.e. Allen key and six inch crescent. Spare wheels if available.

Spare wheelchair cushion and repair kit and pump if cushion is Roho type. Spare cushion cover.


- Non perishable food, canned or dried food

- Food formula and drinks for babies and small children

Water (at least 3 litres per person per day) for drinking.

- Water for washing and cooking

Can opener. Cooking/eating utensils.

20. Shower chair if required.

21. Spade/shovel/stable broom for snow conditions. Gum boots.

22. Gloves and blue pads if required.

23. Old style phone.

24. Have in place a system for neighbours/family etc to check on your situation when an event occurs.

25. Useful to have a small compressor which operates out of the cigarette lighter position in the car, to be kept in the car.

26. Matches (long version helpful). Waterproof matches.

Developed by the late Graham Tapper