COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus) – Information and Resources for People with SCI

Updated: 11:00pm 27/03/2020

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11:00am 27/03/2020
Updated statement from DHBs about NO visitors
PHARMAC statement on 1 month script restriction
Countdown Supermarket Priority Assistance scheme
Addition to ACC’s FAQ if needing urgent support
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Included statement from Canterbury DHB & All NZ Supermarkets
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Hospital Visitor Restriction protocol announcement
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The NZ Spinal Trust and the Burwood Academy of Independent Living, along with input from the Auckland Spinal Rehabilitation Unit, the Burwood Spinal Unit and the Burwood Academy Consultation Group, have prepared these Information Sheets:
COVID-19 Advice for people with SCI: #1: Keeping safe
COVID-19 Advice for people with SCI: #2: If you think you have it
COVID-19 Advice for people with SCI: #3: If you have Carers
COVID-19 Health professionals working with SCI people


All of Government: The main Government website for the latest information about COVID-19 and portal to other more specific sites is:

Visitor Restriction Announcement for all Auckland (ADHB, CMDHB, WDHB) & Canterbury and West Coast (CDHB, WCDHB) Hospitals have adopted a no-visitors policy during the lockdown, meaning friends and family will not be able to visit, with only a few exceptions.
Probably most (or all) other DHBs’ Hospitals in NZ will now have very similar protocols in place.

Ministry of Health: The main page for ALL Health System-related details (updated daily and as news/announcements occur):

PHARMAC: Statement regarding restricting all prescriptions to 1 month’s supply: PHARMAC.pdf

Accident Compensation Corp: COVID-19 details from ACC for their clients and providers available here:

Also from ACC’s FAQ section :
If needing urgent support, eg, payment assistance, transport assistance, equipment or home help? Or if concerned about a client in a vulnerable situation? – If you have a dedicated ACC contact, phone them directly. Otherwise please call and follow the voice prompts on ph: 0800 101 996 or email:

All NZ Supermarkets: (i.e. both Progressive and Foodstuffs) reassurance and advice to not panic buy:
Also consider registering for Countdown’s Priority Assistance scheme:

Other useful links:
Health Quality and Safety Commission New Zealand ( resources:
5 Moments for Hand Hygiene
How to Wash Your Hands
How to Use Hand Rub

Easy Read versions of Ministry of Health COVID-19 information (main page here…):
What is coronavirus and COVID-19
What to do if you think you have COVID-19
COVID-19 and self-isolation
COVID-19 information for people coming into NZ from overseas

We are learning about more and more pretty useful web resources that people might like to check out – but because they’re not ‘official’ we’ve decided to put them on a separate web page so that it is clear they are ‘not official’ and ‘not sanctioned’ by any authority that we can verify. So if you’re interested in having a look at these resources –click here–

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