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Published three times per year, this high quality magazine includes health, research, employment, travel, equipment, useful tips and much more. With hundreds of members throughout the country, the Spinal Network provides a flow of timely and relevant information to people with spinal cord injuries, their families, whanau, caregivers, friends, and health professionals.

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Editor: Peter Thornton

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SNN December 2020

  • Flying high: Bailley Unahi’s remarkable recovery
  • Ian Walker on overcoming adversity
  • The NZST receives Christchurch Civic Award
  • Telling it like it is
  • Living with Guillain-Barré Syndrome

SNN August 2020

  • Nick Cornish Remarkable recovery of a professional musician
  • Telling it like it is Teina Boyd
  • A young man that is not looking back Jayden Glentworth
  • Mark and Kathy Glentworth talk about playing the support role
  • Attitude BNB in Auckland

SNN May 2020

  • How the NZST Rallied Together During the Global Pandemic
  • A Man on a Mission
  • Telling it like it is
  • Man’s Best Friend
  • Empathy and Grit
  • Cory Newman
  • The Stats on Spinal Cord Impairment you Need to Know
  • Resource Centre
  • Fighting Father Time

SNN December 2019

  • A New Design for a New Era
  • We Came Here to Party
  • The Moments that Defined 2019
  • Welcome Aboard
  • John Miller Law
  • George Scrimshaw Walks Down Memory Lane
  • Back in the Swing of it
  • Library
  • From The Horse’s Mouth

SNN August 2019

  • Finding Futures - Hans Wouters
  • Profile On Bradley Watson - Never Give Up
  • On Top Of The World -The Rise And Rise Of Adam Hall
  • Mark Thompson - 50 Years On Or To Hell In A Handbasket
  • Exploring China - Mike Brown
  • A Lifetime Of Memories - 25 Years Of The NZST
  • Welcome Backpacks Make Positive Impact
  • A Home Away From Home
  • The Magic Of The Tour Of New Zealand

SNN April 2019

  • Brett Tantrum - Never Give Up
  • Finding Futures - Hans Wouters
  • World Famous In NZ - A Football Practice With A Difference
  • John Miller Law - Know Your Rights
  • Dancing To Her Own Beat - Suzanne Cowan
  • The People's Hero - Roly Crichton
  • Women's Best Friend - Ranger The Service Dog
  • Mourning - The Response Of A Nation To A Terror Attack

SNN December 2018

  • Joseph De Thierry - A Mentor on A Mission
  • Different Strokes - Mouth Painter Dayna Tiwha
  • APLIC 18 Conference with Dr. Bernadette Cassidy
  • The Wheelchair Challenge
  • John Miller Law - Know Your Rights
  • Kaleidoscope Feature - Amy Glassford Redefines Resilience
  • NZ Spinal Trust Welcome Backpacks
  • "Gripper's Race Day"
  • Connecting People - Brett Ladbrook's Samoan Sojourn
  • Farewell To Dr. Lincoln Jansz
  • Knocking It Out Of The Park - Ian McDonald Talks About HIs Career

SNN July 2018

  • A.J. Poua personal trainer in a wheelchair
  • Attitude employee award
  • BNZ Crusaders visit
  • NZSCIR registry
  • Welcome backpack
  • Wheelie Good Tips
  • Bayfair Festival of Disability Sports
  • Bailey Unahi Outward Bound
  • Jazz on fitness
  • Lynda Scott 49 yrs in a chair

SNN March 2018

  • 20 year anniversary edition
  • Paul Stafford and Dr. Bernadette Cassidy
  • James McPhedran
  • Ally Burt and Cheryl Robertson's Fundraisers
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Know your rights with John Miller Law
  • Nadia Mackle Making Strides
  • Corey Peters Alpine Skier
  • Johnny Bourke

SNN December 2017

  • All Black Ryan Crotty
  • Best Stories of 2017
  • Alex Dalziel on never giving up
  • Big step forward with and exoskeleton
  • Virtual reality innovation

SNN August 2017

  • Java Cycles the length of New Zealand
  • Alan Pullar celebrates 50 years
  • Quentin Smith marks 40 with an adventure
  • Joseph Thierry back in his happy place
  • Changing the perception of disability

SNN March 2017

  • Overcoming the odds
  • Trekking through Spain
  • Attitude Awards
  • Suzanne Reiser
  • The game wasn't over

SNN December 2016

  • Marty Tucker completes 10 marathons
  • Q&A Stephanie Mogridge on nutrition
  • Sarah Ellington
  • Body builder Stacey Lomax

SNN August 2016

  • Road to Rio for Two Paralympians
  • Grant Sharman's Story
  • Good Sort Engeline Tuazon
  • Farewell Ben Lucas
  • Travel Kaikoura & Hanmer Springs

SNN March 2016

  • Dreaming of flying again Brad Smeele
  • New Website and Chairman
  • Paul Franklin's Adventure
  • News in Brief

SNN August 2015

  • Allan Bean Centre Farewell Ceremony
  • Kaleidoscope - Support For Work
  • The Makingtrax Mongolia Rally
  • Camping in Australia's Warm, Exotic Northern Territory

SNN April 2015

  • Mike Brown and the NYC Marathon
  • Going Sailing
  • Lean Food Truck Magic
  • Keep on Moving
  • Dave Milson's Story

SNN December 2014

  • Living with spinal cord injury
  • Libraries and rehab
  • Tips for living with SCI
  • NZST Updates
  • Nutrition

SNN December 2013

  • Survey results
  • Samoa Trip
  • Summer garden
  • Bowel health

SNN April 2013

  • A tribute to Graham Tapper
  • Aging and SCI
  • Accessible Adventure Tourism
  • Nutrition for SCI
  • Brett Ladbrook: Once a motorcyclist

SNN December 2012

  • Pain
  • Men's Sheds
  • Intimacy
  • Great Barrier Experience

SNN September 2010

  • Fishing in Auckland
  • For Whom the Bowel Tolls
  • Raised Bed Gardening Page
  • Reflection

SNN December 2009

  • ACC Update
  • Sushi and Speeches in Osaka
  • Karate Master at Work
  • Burke, Perth and ANZSCOS
  • Southern Rehabilitation Institute

SNN August 2008

  • Dr Angelo Anthony Order of Merit
  • ACC & IRD 15% Withholding Tax
  • Sexuality Intimate Matters
  • Lake Brunner Race Hand cycling


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